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All beekeepers must keep legible records of:

(a) The dates of all apiary inspections and observations from the inspections including an assessment of the overall strength of the hives in the apiary, any pests or diseases found in the hives and the method used for detection of arthropod pests specified in Part B 3.2.
(b) Details of all actions taken to manage any pests or diseases in the apiary.
(c) Details of sampling method, date(s) of collection, testing body and the results of all honey tests or other independent assessments for the presence of American foulbrood.
(d) Details of movements of hives (including swarm catch boxes); including dates, numbers, geographic locations.
(e) Details of introductions of any bees and used hives or hive components (with or without bees) from external sources; including the date of introduction and the supplier or source.
(f) Details of biosecurity-related training by the beekeeper and any employees of the beekeeper.

Records may be paper-based or electronic.
Records must be retained for a minimum of three (3) years.

Record keeping for you Apiary and Hive Inspections

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